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Every building is a product of careful architectural planning and attention to detail. An organized approach to planning is required in producing successful results since the building process includes numerous guidelines, various processes and input from multiple parties. Architectural Designer is involved in the process of planning where a building is designed and contains architectural drawings, calculations, specifications, time frame of the building process. The activity consists of preparing architectural designs and performing related engineering services for the construction of new buildings, housing estates, houses, monuments and other buildings. There may also be designs for renovation of existing structures.

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Apart from the artistic and aesthetic aspect of architectural design an architect designs according to the needs and requirements of the inhabitants and makes effective constructions plans. An architect has extensive knowledge in the field and must get approval from the state and local governments for the project.

Town planning is the planning and control of the construction, growth and development of a town or other urban area. It is the concerned with the shaping of cities, towns and regions by managing development, infrastructure and services. Town planners design strategies for development and design communities. Town planning for a city like Melbourne is a demanding task and requires special expertise. Town planners have a vital role in our daily lives and are crucial for the correct design, development and functioning of a community.

Planners aim to improve the quality of life and create vibrant communities by balancing the built and natural environment, community needs, cultural significance and economic stability. They also access developmental proposals and devise policies to guide the future development and work in diverse areas like housing, energy, health, communications, leisure, education, transport and tourism. They create new and revitalize existing public places, conserve areas of heritage and enhance community value. The work planners do is gaining increasing recognition as communities pay special emphasis on livability, environmental sustainability, the design and feel of places. There is a growing interest in the process of urban planning and development for building a nation which is worth inheriting for the future generations to come.

Town Planners specialize in the areas of urban development, regional and rural planning, development assessment and land use, social and community based planning, urban design and place making, environmental planning and natural resources management, transport planning, heritage and conservation, neighborhood and urban renewal, infrastructure and services planning, international development etc. Planners frequently work with professionals like architects, engineers, economists, building surveyors, politicians, developers, and scientists.